What is Let us Collaborate (LuC)?

LuC is a platform designed to support collaborations, coalitions, networks and collectives that work on women’s rights and sexual rights in Africa.

Across Africa, activists, practitioners, civil society organisations and social movements are engaged in important and ground-breaking initiatives. We believe that having a shared analysis of how social change comes about is important. Let us amplify and strengthen our efforts by collaborating for greater impact.


Objectives of LuC

  • To enhance collaborations among civil society formations working on women’s rights and sexual rights in Africa.
  • To simplify the process for human rights defenders, activists, academics, lawyers and others in the social justice sector to work together on strategic litigation, research, advocacy and capacity strengthening initiatives.
  • To facilitate cross-learning and scaling up of CSO’s interventions to reach a wider audience

How to use the platform

Community members are encouraged to engage with each other on various collaborative efforts including litigation, research, campaigns, resource mobilisation, capacity strengthening, amongst others. To join in, have a look at some of the featured collaborations and sign up!